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Rhythm and Recognition: NZ Drumline Joins the 2023 COLORSTEEL® Awards

The 2023 COLORSTEEL® Awards celebrated not only excellence in roofing, cladding installation, and architectural design, but also embraced the spirit of rhythm!

We were thrilled to perform with the NZ Drumline, adding a unique and energetic element to the evening's festivities.

“Performing on stage at the Auckland Town Hall for the ColorSteel Awards, accompanying Jason Kerrison was an amazing experience. The light show and acrobats created an electric atmosphere”, Ben van Rooy , NZ Drumline bass drummer.

NZ Drumline Takes Center Stage

NZ Drumline's electrifying performance with Jason Kerrison was a highlight of the awards ceremony, creating an unforgettable and immersive experience for all attendees.

A Rewarding Challenge

The COLORSTEEL® Awards provided a rewarding challenge for NZ Drumline, offering an opportunity to expand our audience and showcase the versatility of drumming. We demonstrated how rhythm can seamlessly connect different artistic disciplines.

We are proud to have been part of such a prestigious event and delighted that our performance resonated with the audience.

Hire NZ Drumline

If you are interested in having NZ Drumline perform at your event, get in touch!



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