WHY become a part of the Marching Music academy?

  • IMPROVE: Improve technique, sound quality, timing and musicianship. 

  • GET ACTIVE: Develop an understanding of modern marching technique, style and performance.

  • PERFORM: Learn fundamental skills/techniques in order to become a performer for the NZ Drumline Performing corps or other performance ensembles.


WHAT learning options are available as part of the Marching Music academy?

Current instruments covered:

  • High tension snare drum

  • Multi-tonal tenor drums

  • Bass drum

Watch out for future expansions to the programme to include other instruments in the marching music line-up!

  • Tailored to suit make-up and needs of students in the class

  • Four term structure that largely aligns to school terms, with an exception in the middle of the year (Jul/Aug) for the off-season

  • Exact term dates vary – contact us for more info

  • $70-130 per term or $350 per annum

  • Fully customised to meet the needs of each student

  • Usually 20-30mins long, but sessions can be combined to suit student’s learning needs

  • Available in one-off casual lessons or as a block of ten lessons

  • $20-25 per session

  • Includes instruction by top international instructors (e.g. Jeff Queen, Ralph Nader…)

  • Workshop rates vary

  • Discounts available for academy students

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