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Do I need to have any drumming experience to learn?

Unlike our Performing corps, absolutely no experience is required to join the academy programme!  The Marching Music academy is a great way to start learning.


Is there a trial period?

Sure!  The first group class is always considered a freebie – but if you want to keep coming along, you’ll need to make sure you pay your programme fees.

Alternatively, you could also try a casual individual lesson with one of our instructors to find out if this is the activity for you!


What equipment do I need?

Spare equipment is available for use at most class sessions for those wanting to have a go before buying their own gear – but students will need to buy a pair of sticks ($15-30) and practice pad ($70-100) if they intend to continue.


Oranga Community Centre is a bit far away for me – is there somewhere closer I can learn?

Unfortunately, all our Marching Music academy classes are held in this venue for the moment – perhaps try an individual lesson?  These are not only tailored to suit your needs, but tutors can also travel to an agreed location to help you out!


Is there a good / bad time to join?

We recommend starting in term one if possible, so you can take advantage of the full year fees discount available! 


I want to get better at drumming, but I’m not so keen on marching – is this the right thing for me?

Gone are the days where marching was simply about just keeping in step and stopping/starting together.  In the modern context, marching means so much more that it is now more closely aligned to dance than the military background from which it has evolved. 


The Marching Music academy provides insight into the world of marching beyond traditional military style marching bands.

All group lessons include a marching component which varies in length and detail depending on the needs of the students.

Still not keen on marching?  Perhaps try an individual lesson programme – that way the lessons are structured 100% around your specific needs.

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